To what extent do Children believe in the Future?

We need to identify parenting attitudes that are associated with parent-child healthy development, core knowledge and practices which bring the desired outcomes. The children are the future leaders, so it’s important for them to resonate with health and activity and represent a temporal scope, as well as increased lifestyle choices. A brief discussion of the system as a source of determinants is in order, as well as a summary on what serves as a foundation, along with the effectiveness of strengthening capacity in order to determine the core parenting attitudes and identify the outcomes.


It may be a truism that human expectations been high, but this century’s development of digital systems has convinced us that our children’s lives will be different as these emerging technologies are then quickly replaced by unimaginable ones, while the society becomes nimble with lifelong learning. Positive child outcomes result from early supportive interactions with caregivers which can have a long-lasting effect across the life course, whereby the effectiveness in one domain in one period of life becomes the scaffold on which later competence develops, which is fundamental to the young children well-being. In US the parental options are not good as it is one of four countries with no mandated paternity leave, although California is making some improvements, and the federal policy is an unpaid maternity leave only for those who work at a company with 50 employees and have accumulated 1,250 working hours.

Data from a study of childcare development were used to investigate trajectories of social development while a hierarchical modeling was used to examine child associations among teacher-reports of children’s achievements, social skills and behaviors, suggesting that improvements in involvement predict declines in behaviors and social skills but not in achievement. I’m really proud of you is something which leaves a child speechless, because what better words could a parent say to make it worth, particularly well-received by teenagers? There is demand for the basics of the 3Rs, as well as for a greater ability to learn and possess critical thinking skills in the face of change.


It’s also worth noting that the challenges for families are great, as parents often loose their health insurance on parental leave, while other countries have better policies, such as offering 480 days of leave, as opposed to the current non-policy. Even if a job is something you should be doing it makes them feel better to get a pat on the back, as positive reinforcement is a great morale tool, because people want to feel that what they are doing matters and their efforts are recognized. Interestingly, nowadays there is a strong focus on soft skills and whole-of-child development, and as the demand for skills is growing fast, there is a growing emphasis as well on early childhood care developing competencies in collaboration and problem solving through projects.


Loosing health care can have implications on families, as the lost income is a thought a lot of parents can’t entertain, and the current non-policy is hurting the parents.

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