Campaigns for a Better World Laying Foundations

The Foundation for a Better Life – Pass It on Campaign

Whether they are making an impact in their backyards or the world, they are using their impassioned voices to show us how we can change the world by having confidence, which is why we’re excited to spotlight and encourage others to Pass It On wit The Foundation for a Better Life. Young leaders such as Malala Yousafzai and Sarah Greichen are the fresh faces of a successful campaign by the Foundation for a Better Life, coming from different walks of life and uniting to represent a generation of young females with messages of courage a reasons why the foundation is featuring their lives in its new campaign. Over the last years, it has earned the No. 1 spot in broadcast, being recognized for its impact as it inspires action online and includes social media content designed to encourage action with the help of media partners including cable networks, which are donating airtime for commercials with these women who will also play on lobby screens.


The Mother and Child Academic Hospital Foundation

The Mother and Child Academic Hospital, established in Bloemfontein, has been bringing much needed world-class infant healthcare to mothers in South Africa, as its main vision is to become a dynamic role player in the child healthcare environment and lay, thus, a solid foundation for mothers and children through a collaborative approach with stakeholders, which will include pooling of resources. The MACAH foundation raises funds in support of pediatric services, supporting excellence for professionals, but they ultimately aim to pioneer a dedicated child hospital in Central South Africa, because without proper care, nutrition and stimulation, children spend their lives fighting.


United Nations Foundation – the Better World Campaign

The Bonn Agreement led to the UN Mission in 2002 as a special mission for sustainable development, working to advance the political stabilization process by supporting the reconciliation process in issues of regional cooperation, also coordinating efforts for human rights since the mid-1990s. Since its beginning, the campaigns have supported their goal to serve as the largest source of funding and in conjunction with the UN, they established a fund to serve as the UN counterpart, collecting more than $1.2 billion from other foundations, NGOs, and working with partners in order to project proposals. In 2001, the U.S. launched a bombing campaign with the assistance of Afghan forces, removing thus the Taliban within weeks, and at an UN-led conference in Germany, the leaders began reconstructing their government, creating The Bonn Agreement which called for a UN presence to stabilize and support the transition. The United Nations Foundation was launched with a gift to support the causes, intended to encourage donors, and the main issue areas are child health, energy, development, women and population, while some of the biggest campaigns include the Measles & Rubella Initiative, Girl Up and the Digital Impact Alliance, among others. The UN Foundation’s budgetary breakdown is going to program services, fundraising, management, as Turner’s choice for his donation in 1996, due to his shares, made a $1 billion contribution, because he felt strongly about the issues.

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